PTA Budget Cheat Sheet

Artist in Residence (AIR) Account

Artist Fees/Supplies

Money paid to professional artists who work directly with Lee students for their time and expenses for any supplies related to a visiting artist activity

Expenses for an all school show can be covered if professional artists participate in the performance

Expenses for silk-screening and tie-dye can be covered because of artist collaboration for the design and artist participation in the creation process

Slow Food

An annual program for third grade sponsored by CCUA.  Money from this account is earmarked for supplies and fees to bring in farmers and chefs to work with the children.


Income from generated as a percentage of sales of items featuring student artwork

Silent Auction

Income and expenses related to the Spring silent auction which funds the AIR account

General Account

Grade Level Funds

An annual allotment from the PTA to each grade level team.  $200 is provided by PTA free and clear.  An additional $200 will be generated by a restaurant fundraiser organized by PTA on behalf of the grade.  The grade team will keep all the proceeds of their specific fundraiser.  Expenses from the grade level fund must be approved by all the team’s teachers.

Fifth Grade Graduation

Expenses for the fifth grade graduation ceremony at the end of the year

Fourth and Fifth Grade Musical

Expenses for the annual musical.  This is covered as an all school expense instead of as a grade level expense because the musical is incorporated into music and dance/drama curriculum for all grade levels and is enjoyed by all grades at the end of the year.

A Way With Words & Numbers

An annual donation from Lee PTA to the Way With Words & Numbers program.  A Way With Words & Numbers volunteers work with kids in our school who are struggling with literacy and math.  This program is provided by the MU Career Center.


Box Tops

This item covers the income we will raise from submitting Box Tops as well as the associated costs for mailing our submissions.

Curriculum Night

This item covers the costs for the Fall curriculum night.  This event is mandated by the district.

Fall Fundraiser

Income from our Fall Fundraiser as well as associated expenses for administering it

General Donations

We sometimes receive general donations from families or the general public that are not associated with any specific fundraising

Ice Cream Social

Expenses related to having the all school Ice Cream social in May.  We typically get ice cream donated, but have run out in recent years.  This budget will augment our ice cream donation as well as provide for supplies like bowls and spoons.

Money Minder

Software used by the PTA for our budget and accounting.  It is an annual subscription.

PTA Local & National Dues

We collect dues from our members and a portion of those cover the dues for our members to join the Missouri and National PTAs.

At the end of the 2015 – 2016 school year, the PTA voted to change the previous practice of paying for teacher dues.  Starting in 2016 – 2017, teachers will pay their own $5 individual dues and PTA will cover the dues for incoming Kindergarten families.

PTA Operating Expenses

This budget item pays for expenses related to running the PTA.  Examples include babysitting for the monthly PTA meetings, attendance at the Missouri PTA conference, and miscellaneous expenses.

Parent Breakfasts

Covers expenses for Muffins with Moms and Donuts with Dads in the Spring


Covers expenses for playground equipment used by the children at recess.  This is usually augmented by a grant from Kiwanis club.

Principal’s Fund

A discretionary fund for the Lee Principal to use as he/she sees fit.  Unused money is returned to the general fund and re-allocated for the following year.


Expenses related to participating in the National PTA Reflections program. Reflections is a program designed to help celebrate arts in schools.  There is an annual theme that children reflect on and then submit their original artwork inspired by the theme.


Income from eScrip participating retailers generated by Lee family shopping

Club Scholarships

A fund to cover the registration costs for after school clubs for children who can’t afford to pay on their own

Spelling Bee

Registration fees for the whole school to participate in the annual Scripps National Spelling Bee

Teacher Appreciation

Expenses related to celebrating Teacher Appreciation activities throughout the year. This includes providing food during parent-teacher conferences and Teacher Appreciation Week in early May.

Instructional Space Support

Annually the PTA gives each teacher with instructional space at Lee $100 to help cover the costs of developing their instructional space.  These funds are discretionary and checks are issued to teachers at the beginning of the school year.

Volunteer Appreciation

Expenses for the annual volunteer appreciation breakfast