2013 Silent Film Music

Once again, our silent films will be accompanied by live music scores written and performed by St. Louis-based Rats and People Motion Picture Orchestra.  In their own words:

For the past four years, The Rats & People Motion Picture Orchestra has actively redefined both the local music and film cultures of St. Louis. In addition to its prolific composition and live performance of new film scores for films of the Silent Era, the ensemble–equal parts indie/punk-stalwart and academically trained composers/musicians–has provided the soundtracks for many of St. Louis’ most vital and acclaimed locally-produced contemporary films.

We love them and you will too. Here are a few links to introduce you further to this  über-talented group of musicians.

  • Arrivée, by trombonist Matthew Frederick. We’re honored to be listed as one of R&PMPO’s supporters and are blown away by this: “In total, 10 hours and 43 minutes of music has been composed over the last four and one-half years. If the average length of a symphony is roughly 30 minutes, then that’s 21 symphonies-worth of compositional output.”
  • Best St. Louis Shows of 2011: Rats & People present Go West, by Jaime Lees. She writes: “R&P deserve the grandest of stages.” We couldn’t agree more so are providing the one of the best stages Columbia offers, the fabulous Missouri Theatre.

All that, and they are incredibly nice as well. Come out and see for yourself.