2013 Silent Film Lineup

This year we are returning to a couple of Buster Keaton favorites. Have you belly-laughed lately? These films are already hilarious and even more so with live accompaniment by the RPMPO!

  • Go West.Go West goes a lot of places. Fundamentally a romantic comedy about a guy and a cow, it’s also a rousing, violent western, a framework for pratfalls, and a sad, poignant story about loneliness, and the abatement of loneliness. The critics say Go West is Keaton’s great experiment in pathos. If that means it’ll rip your guts open by conflating sadness with joy and love with absurdity then it’s a pretty commendable critical stance.”
  • The High Sign. “The High Sign, Buster Keaton’s first independent short, dashes through the taut and energetic tale of a man trapped in the paradox of simultaneously assassinating and defending the same man. The resultant gags draw on violence, its threat and realization, and create a tension between violence and hilarity that keeps the film moving briskly.”