Proposed 2017 – 2018 PTA Budget

At next Tuesday’s PTA meeting, the members will be voting on the budget for next year. The budget proposal can be found here:

April 2017 PTA Meeting Minutes


Principal’s Report

-Ghana drummer/artist, Nani Agbeli, worked with the drummers this morning, followed by an assembly.  He will be performing at the drumming concert this Friday with our Lee drummers.

-Basketball and cheerleading are in full swing.


Treasurer’s Report

-The General account balance is just over $16,300.  That said, we have several items already committed, but not spent:  This leaves just about $2,000 cushion to spend on non-budgeted expenses

-The AIR account balance is just over $2,500.  $1,250 is committed to covering Silent Auction expenses.


ASB Report

-PIE reception went well (Partners in Education)

-ASB website is to be more integrated with the Lee School website and include up-to-date agendas and minutes.

-Enrollment: kindergarten classes of neighborhood and Lee siblings will not allow for lottery kindergarteners next year.

-The Middle School STEAM cohort (lottery schools would feed into) will not happen before the 7th middle school is open.

-ASB Spring Meeting will be the night of the Ice Cream Social.

-ASB is looking into how to adjust the school supply lists that go out for Back-to-school shopping.

-Seeking nominations for a parent representative for the ASB.  If you’d like to run or nominate a parent, please let Cindy Kilfoyle know:


Fundraising Committee

-No total for the 3rd grade Moe’s fundraiser.  1st grade McDonald’s was $495.

-We will be doing a Lee T-shirt fundraiser drive in April.  We will collect orders for 3 different t-shirt design/color combos throughout the month.  Orders will be taken from paper sheets sent home, on the Lee PTA online store, and in person at the Silent Auction.  We will place the order at the end of the month and hope to distribute the night of the Ice Cream Social in May.

– Shakespeare’s Pizza fundraiser the last week of school is to be announced.


Old Business


Silent Auction

-April 29th   First Presbyterian Church (downtown on Hitt St. next to Ragtag).  Last Friday a flier was sent home about bidder numbers and buttons.

-The committee is accepting all donations, not just art.

-Childcare will be available the night of the event at Lee for Lee children.

-We’re planning to do two auction lots to stagger the closing.  The goal is to make checkout go more smoothly and to drive up bidding in the second round.

-There will be a Buy It Now table as in year’s past.


New Business


Presentation of the 2017-18 budget (to be discussed in April, and voted on at May meeting)

-AIR account (Artist in Residence)

-Ibiyinka Alao will be a line item, $2,000 for two full days of working with the students

-General account

-budget committee suggested the parents (maternal and paternal figures) breakfasts line needs increased to cover actual costs

-TRYPS is a line item as it had been in years past ($700)

-BizTown (Junior Achievement) is funded at $500 per grade level (4th and 5th grade) as they may attend on different days.


Budget reflects that we plan to spend more than we expect to bring in.  This is because we were conservative in what income is expected, but estimated on the high side for expenses.  If we do not fundraise enough, then we will have to do more fundraisers, or dip into reserves.  Or cut funding for some line items.


Discussion regarding discipline at Lee

Begin with presentation by Principal Elsea

-Number of ISS (In School Suspensions) has increased (48 in 2016-17, 82 so far in 2016-17)

-927 referrals (major and minor referrals combined) this year

-Parent handbook has discipline info at the district level

-District behavior specialist visited Lee today to help.

Parent questions:

-Parents ask if they can be notified when an incident happens (even if their child was not involved, but their child witnessed the event) so they can better work though it at home when their child is telling them about it.  Also while protecting the privacy of those children involved.

-Can the referral information be separated by location (classroom, playground, cafeteria, etc) and by grade level?

-Do we need more playground supervisors?  (info: we actually have less children on the playground at one time than we have in past years; now we have only one grade at a time at recess).

-Look deeper into why the big increase in ISS.


-There will be a special 2nd grade meeting next week.

-Parental survey last fall showed a 5% increase of positive responses about Lee (survey sent to 5th grade parents, 56 parents responded)


Funding Request – Tiny Attic Productions

Tim Pilcher and Chelsea Myers helped with animation and sound for four hours.  Request $100 for their time.  Motion carried to fund Tiny Attic Productions.


Calendar Announcements

          -April 29th Silent Auction

          -May 11th Ice Cream Social

-May 12th Muffins with Maternal Figures (morning)

& School Musical