March 2017 PTA Meeting Minutes

March 14, 2017 – 6:00 PM


Principal’s Report

We have 332 students enrolled for next year.

We are continuing lottery tours.

We have 49 new kindergartners next year, so there will be no spots for new lottery families.

The lottery opens on March 27, the waiting list for other grades rolls over from the previous year.

Treasurer’s Report

Full Budget Report

The General account balance is just over $15,000.  That said, we have several items already committed, but not spent:

  • After grade level funds and removing grants (slow food, playground, drumming) we have $7,600 remaining
  • We have approximately $1,200 in budgeted expenses that will be paid out this year
  • We are aiming to have a carryover balance of approximately $4,000 per Missouri PTA guidelines (1/2 of expected budget)
  • This leaves just about $2,500 cushion to spend on non-budgeted expenses

The AIR account balance is just over $2,500.  $1,250 is committed to covering Silent Auction expenses.  We have $1,000 coming in from Artsonia, leaving about $2,250 in the account.  This year we budgeted $6,000 for visiting artists.  If we keep the same budget for next year, we will need to have a carryover balance of $3,000 per Missouri PTA guidelines (1/2 of expected budget).  At this point we are not comfortable committing significant resources from AIR until after the Silent Auction total is in.

ASB Report

The CPS Board has officially adopted the elementary school boundary changes.  There were no edits since the changes were released for public comment.

In response, ASB has approved and sent new enrollment policies for Lee to CPS for final approval.  These policies do not force re-districted families to leave Lee, but they do remove automatic enrollment of siblings if the family is redistricted.

The ASB will be holding their Spring election in May.  Discussing whether to do this in conjunction with the Ice Cream Social since parents will already be at school.

Fundraising Committee

We do not have totals yet from McDonald’s or Fuddruckers, but turnout was great at both events.  The tips from Fuddruckers alone were over $400.

The last grade level fundraiser will be for 3rd grade and will be held at Moe’s on April 5 from 5:00 – 8:00 PM.

The Farmraiser is about halfway through and we’ve sold about $280 so far.  This will wrap up at the end of March and products will be delivered in April.

We will be doing a T-shirt drive in April.  We will collect orders for 3 different t-shirt design/color combos throughout the month.  Orders will be taken from paper sheets sent home, on the Lee PTA online store, and in person at the Silent Auction.  We will place the order at the end of the month and hope to distribute the night of the Ice Cream Social in May.

We’re looking into one more general school fundraiser.  Thinking of doing Shakespeare’s on the last day of school.

Old Business

Silent Auction

We have had to change the venue from the Bleu Barrel Room to First Presbyterian Church (downtown on Hitt St. next to Ragtag).  However, this new venue will not allow alcohol to be served, so there will be no cash bar.

We will be sending information home soon about volunteering and donations.

Childcare will be available the night of the event at Lee.

We’re planning to do two auction lots to stagger the closing.  The goal is to make checkout go more smoothly and to drive up bidding in the second round.

The committee is accepting all donations, not just art.

There will be a Buy It Now table as in year’s past.

New Business

Election of Officers for 2017 – 2018

The nominating committee of Megan Hartz, Sara Brown, and Susan Bear prepared the following slate:

  • President – Becky Fowler
  • Vice President – Julie Schisler
  • Secretary – Candy Sall
  • Treasurer – Natalie Cheney
  • Silent Auction Committee Rep – Theresa Shettlesworth
  • Fundraising Committee Rep – Lindsay Oncken
  • Volunteer Coordinator – Pat Thurmond
  • ASB Rep – Debbie Rodman
  • General Member at Large 1 – Mikayla Dimov
  • General Member at Large 2 – Victoria King

There were no nominations from the floor and no discussion.

The slate was approved as proposed via a voice vote.

Funding Request – James and the Giant Peach (TRYPS)

TRYPS will be putting on James and the Giant Peach as their performance this year. Hallie Rainwater requested $682 from the General fund to cover the ticket cost for every child at school (341 at $2 per student).  Teacher tickets are free.  The performances will be held on April 5 and 6.

There was discussion about how this had been a budget line in the past, but was missed in this year’s budget.  We changed the budgeting process and moved it from AIR to General and it, unfortunately, got missed.  For next year, we will plan to budget it ahead of time.

There was discussion about asking parents to pay the $2 for their student and PTA covering students who couldn’t pay.  Points were raised about why we would treat this differently from other opportunities where we haven’t asked parents to pay.  Points were also made about parents feeling bad if they couldn’t contribute.

A consensus was reached that we should do a mini-pledge drive at the end of the year where we highlight to parents all the great things PTA has done this year and ask for small donations to get next year off to a good start.  It will be a low intensity, non-specific request.

The funds were approved via a voice vote.

Funding Request – Visiting Artist Ibiyinka Alao

Dr. Mehr requested $2,000 to have Ibiyinka come to school for 2 days at the end of April.  He would hold a general assembly and then do breakout sessions with each class.  There would be a final culminating experience, including the possibility of an evening event parents could participate in.  He would incorporate painting, music, and writing.

Mr. Elsea and the teachers expressed some concerns about scheduling as this falls in the middle of MAP testing and field trips.  It was proposed that this be deferred until next year, possibly as a tie in with Fall Festival.

There was extensive discussion around budget.  Approving this from the AIR account would wipe out that account and possibly prevent us from following our own standing rules about having a cushion going into our next budget year.  It was generally acknowledged that if we approved it for April, it would need to be funded out of the General account.  This is permissible per the standing rules approved last Spring, which stated that funds from General can be used towards visiting artists if approved via a vote.  We revisited the budget discussions and concluded that approving this request now would mean using almost all of the cushion in the General account.  It was discussed that there have already been several really good, big visiting artist experiences this year and that doing another one this year would jeopardize our ability to have the same level of integration next year.  Finally, it was discussed that we could not defer this to after the Silent Auction totals were in as there wouldn’t be time to schedule in May.

A motion was made to table the request and consider a specific budget line item in AIR for next year for this artist.  The motion was seconded.  There was further discussion and clarification of what was being voted on and the motion was upheld.  The motion was approved in a paper vote of 12 in favor to 6 opposed.  The request was tabled and will be part of budget discussions for the 2017-2018 school year.

The proposed budget will be presented at the April meeting and will be voted on by the PTA membership in May.

Funding Request – Visiting Artist Heather Ann Kippi

Dr. Gennie has requested another 10 hours, totaling $250 from AIR for Heather Ann Kippi to continue her arts blogging work with students.  She will work with 5th grade on their Opera integration project.  She will also possibly work with 4th grade on their immigration, migration, and refugee integration projects.  She has been working with 3rd grade and 1st grade as well.  And she will be doing a Professional Development for teachers in April to show them how to use the blog she’s set up and contribute content.

It was stated again that there is $2,250 in AIR to work with.  There was also discussion around emphasizing the transition from a visiting artist led project to a teacher led project.  Teachers indicated that they are very impressed with and excited to get training on how to use it.

Approved from AIR via voice vote.

Items from the Floor

Box Tops

We submitted just over $400 worth of Box Tops in March.  This will add to the $200 we have banked in our Box Tops account.  We fell about $600 short of our Box tops goal of $1,000 for the year.  This is partially due to the Box Tops being available on fewer products.  We are considered doing a Summer drive to get a jump start on Fall.

Families should turn in any Campbell’s soup labels they have ASAP.  These need to be submitted by August before the program ends.

Playground Work Day

This Saturday there will be a playground cleanup day.  Information will be posted to Facebook about it.  There was also discussion around what was happening with the playground grant.  The tree on the playground will need to be removed because it is diseased.  However, spending the grant was tabled until plans for the Lee expansion were finalized.  We did not want to make an investment in the playground if it was going to be torn up during renovation/expansion.