January 2017 PTA Meeting Minutes

January 10, 2017 – 6:00 PM


Principal’s Report

Toolbox Treasures was a great success.  We had enough volunteers and donations to make it through the whole week and it’s a really special event.

We rescheduled the first grade performance for January 13.

MMEA concert is January 26 (4th and 5th grade).

Treasurer’s Report

Full Budget Report

The Pledge Drive brought in less than expected.  We will need to figure out how to address this shortfall.

Dine to donate events average about $200 each.

ASB Report

Debbie Rodman was unable to attend, but she provided this update:

At the last ASB meeting we discussed the redistricting effort, long-range planning/bond funding for any expansion, and potential changes to enrollment policies.

All parents should have received an email from the school district (from Michelle Baumstark on December 20) with the last scenario and link to a survey for feedback. The proposed change is to move the southernmost boundary up to Grindstone and leave all other boundaries unchanged.  The survey is open for feedback through Feb 2.

There was additional discussion of the enrollment challenges facing Lee and a subcommittee was formed to look at potential changes to enrollment policies (“Lee for Life”).  No specific changes have been discussed yet.


Fundraising Committee Report

See Treasurer’s Report.

Old Business

Silent Auction Update

Will be held April 29 at Bleu.

The first committee meeting will be held in late April.

The committee is looking for people to help with Facebook posts, help publicizing the event, soliciting donations, organizing donations, and taking pictures.  If you’re interested contact Theresa Shettlesworth or email leeartspta@gmail.com.

General discussion around having an online component to the auction and making the event more family friendly and increasing community attendance.  There was a feeling that having the children who created the art there, increases the bidding.  There was a suggestion to do a live auction, not just a silent one.

PTA School of Excellence Update

One area of improvement that we could focus on in our School of Excellence plan is improving the participation of fathers in school.  Brainstormed some ways to make that happen:

  • Literacy – Read with Dad event at school
  • Lunch with Dads
  • Dad Saturday maker space activity
  • Dad PTA night

The point was raised that we should be careful of Dad branding on the events and ensure it’s inclusive and welcoming to all male figures in our students’ lives.

New Business

Box Tops Drive

There will be a Box Tops contest in February as a run up to the next submission date in March.  Flyers will be coming home and the classroom that turns in the most will earn a party.

Long Range Planning Committee

A small group of Lee representatives met with Darin Pries, school board member and chair of the district’s long-range planning committee, on Dec 12 to discuss why a Lee addition should be a priority for the next round of bond funding.  The long-range planning committee is meeting this week, Thursday January 12 at 4:00 at the Aslin building, for parents who want to attend and advocate for Lee.  If parents want to advocate please consider emailing the board.  See the Lee PTA Facebook page for more on some of the key arguments that can be made.

Reviewed the Facebook discussion as a group.

Artist in Residence (VOTE)

Dr. Gennie requested $250 to pay for Heather Ann Kippi to come in and collaborate with 4th and 5th grade units on immigration and opera.  She will be helping the students with blogging about their projects.

Approved via voice vote

MMEA Concert (VOTE)

Mrs. Tummons requested $150 to bring in a banjo player to rehearse with 4th and 5th grade for their MMEA performance.  The concert rehearsal with the banjo will be on 1/22 at 5:00 PM at the Missouri Theater.

Approved via voice vote

Calendar Announcements

January 11 – Dine to Donate, Panera South

January 12 – Board of Education Long-range Facilities Planning Committee Meeting (4:00 PM, Aslin Building)

January 19 – ASB Meeting, 6 PM

February 21 – PTA Meeting, 6 PM


Parent-teacher conferences are in February.  We will post a sign-up to bring in food. The main days for conferences will be 2/13 and 2/15.