December 2016 PTA Meeting Minutes

December 7, 2016 – 6:00 PM

Welcome and Introductions

Principal’s Report

Toolbox Treasures desperately needs more donations.  There are volunteers lined up for the first day, but we also need more parent volunteers to run the shop.  Ed will send out a Parentlink email.

Treasurer’s Report

The AIR account balance is around $6,000.  The general account balance is around $12,000.  Full budget report.

Mrs. Tummons got a grant to help pay for the drums PTA approved.  In addition, she was able to get a great deal on Cyber Monday.

ASB Report

ASB is forming a nominating committee to fill their vacancies this Spring.  If anyone is interested, please let Debbie know.

Report on the CPS redistricting committee’s work for the East Elementary school. Public comment will open soon.  Anyone South of Grindstone may be impacted. Questions were raised about how this would impact Lee for Life.

Fundraising Committee Report

The Chipotle fundraiser was a huge success, over $600 raised.

The next fundraiser is for 5th grade and will be at Shakespeare’s on December 13.

On January 11 we will hold a fundraiser for Kindergarten at Panera.

The Fall Pledge Drive is going on now.  Envelopes will be going home to families this week with a reminder note.  Online donations are popular.  Suggestions from the attendees to improve the pledge drive:

  • Have students decorate their envelope to bring home
  • Place a thermometer measuring progress in the hall and online

Old Business

PTA School of Excellence

We will be forming a committee to review the survey results and National PTA recommendations and to pick a focused area of improvement.  Stay tuned for the call for volunteers.

New Business

Silent Auction Update/Call for Volunteers

The Silent Auction will be held on April 29 at Bleu.  After the first of the year, Theresa Shettlesworth will be holding regular committee meetings to plan the event.  The committee is interested in having a volunteer assigned specifically to marketing the event, if you’re interested let Theresa know.

Toolbox Treasures

See Principal’s Report

Principal Presentation

Overview of Discipline Process at Lee

The progression of discipline is:

  1. Actor’s Toolbox everyday
  2. Observation deck to help students self-regulate
  3. Safe seats in the classrooms
  4. Loss of Privileges (i.e. laps at recess)
  5. Buddy room for one on one counseling
  6. Focus room
  7. Restorative conferences
  8. In school suspension
  9. Contact the District

We have behavior specialists available through Boone County Schools Health Coalition.

There have been 347 disciplinary entries into the tracking system this year.  Those apply to 57 different students.  16 of those students have more than 5 incidents.  1 student has 30+.  2 of those students have documented special needs, 2 are gifted, and 2 are being evaluated.

The District’s goal is to get kids to school, keep them in class, and get them caught up where there are issues.

  • While Ed is not here, there is a specialist here for disciplinary actions
  • Ed has requested a home school coordinator and assistant principal as well

Ed has written a grant to renew our efforts around positive behaviors

We have trained additional staff in de-escalation and physically holding students if that becomes necessary

There will be an anti-bullying policy change in January

  • Ed will attend a District meeting on this next week
  • The policy language is very broad
    • Puts students found guilty on a path to felony charges
  • The new definitions of bullying are very broad
  • Dr. Steipleman has a committee on this issue

Calendar Announcements

  • December 13 – Shakespeare’s Fundraiser
  • December 12 – 16 – Toolbox Treasures
  • December 16 – Last day to donate to Pledge Drive


Willie Cole will be here in January (maybe the 20th), MU committed to help cover costs.  Hoping to have 1 or 2 assemblies with Willie and collecting cereal bowls for collaborative project with the whole school.  He will also be giving a public lecture at MU.

There is an art show going up at the Stephens College President’s House tomorrow, need volunteers to help hang art.  The art is the Kindergartner’s Nutcracker project.