September 2016 PTA Meeting Minutes

September 13, 2016 – 6:00 PM

Welcome and Introductions

Principal’s Report

Screen printing and tie dye are underway for this year’s shirts

This Thursday the whole school will be participating in Dot Day

Treasurer’s Report

We’ve just started the year so we haven’t spent much money yet.

$100 checks have been dispersed to teachers for classroom support.

September Budget Report

ASB Report

In July the ASB met about their board vacancies.  Jacquie Kephart left Lee and Cindy Kilfoyle has filled her spot.  Carissa Seek has also joined as a teacher representative.

Debbie Rodman is the Lee PTA ASB representative and will liaise between PTA and ASB.

At this Thursday’s ASB meeting, bylaws changes will be discussed.

The October meeting will be the 20th and will be a potluck.  Everyone is welcome!

Fundraising Committee Report

Over the summer, Megan Hartz led a fundraising committee composed of teachers, parents, and Mr. Elsea.  The group discussed how to improve fundraising efforts at Lee and align fundraisers with the new grade-level budgeting for 2016-2017.

Instead of Read-A-Thon this Fall, the committee has decided to replace that with a simplified Lee pledge drive.  This will reduce the cost of managing the fundraiser and re-orient towards demonstrating pride in the Lee mission.  PTA is looking into hosting a literacy event in conjunction with Lee One Read to backfill the loss of a reading focused fundraiser.

For grade-levels, PTA will coordinate a restaurant partner fundraiser.  These will occur approximately every 4-6 weeks.

The first grade-level fundraiser is for 4th grade and will be held at Buffalo Wild Wings on October 10 from 5 – 9 PM.

2016 – 2017 Fundraising Plan

Old Business


New Business

Blues in the Schools

Lee hosted a performance during summer school and Principal Elsea would like to have him come back. K-3, 4-5

$350 for entire school (out of the AIR account)

Voted on and passed

Willie Cole Visit

Renowned artist –

Dr. Mehr and Dr. Gennie requested $1000 + up to $400 for travel to have Willie Cole come to Lee as a visiting artist

They propose an all school assembly and lower and upper grade level focused activities

There is a possibility that MU will be having him come there as well and will cover all or part of the travel

Voted on and passed

Grade Level Facebook Pages

PTA is asking a parent from each grade level to create and manage a cohort Facebook page. These pages will be private and grade level specific spaces for parents and teachers to interact.

If you are interested in coordinating for your child’s grade, please contact a PTA officer via

Lee PTA Communication

This year PTA will be focused on improving communications across the Lee community. We will be using as many communication channels as possible to make sure that we are inclusive and complete in getting information out to families and teachers.  We will use the Lee PTA Facebook page, ParentLink, Friday Folders, newsletters, and the Lee PTA webpage to get information out.

If you have comments or feedback on ways to improve the Lee PTA website, please let us know at

Suggestion to add bios about each teacher, support staff.

After School Clubs

Lee PTA will help interested parents, teachers, and community members organize clubs this year.  We won’t be doing a single sign-up as we have in years past.  We will be coordinating clubs as they come up and sending home sign ups individually.  This will allow for more flexibility in targeted grade levels, duration of the club, club fees, and club schedules.

There are scholarships available through PTA for interested families who cannot afford club fees.

So far this year we have the following clubs:

Lego, Choir, Chess, Fiber, Violin, Mileage, Chinese, Girls on the Run, and Volleyball

If you want to host a club, please contact

Lee Student Art Work Displays

3rd grade Columbia Art League

October 12:  Class of 14-15 Columbia Art League reception 5-6:30

October 14-16 Artrageous weekend:  KOPN all school art show

MU Archaeology/Portrait show

Volunteer Coordination

Natalie Cheney is this year’s building volunteer coordinator for the district.

There is a binder in the office where you are encouraged to record your hours.  You can also record your volunteer hours when you sign in at PTA meetings.  Or email your hours to  Just be careful to not double report the same hours in more than one place.

If you are going to volunteer at school, you need to complete a background check through CPS annually.  The district covers the processing cost so there’s no reason not to help keep our children safe by participating in this vital process.

Paperwork for background checks can be picked up in the Lee school office, the district office, or downloaded from the CPS website.