Creative Fun Days

Creative Fun Days

School’s out – art’s in! Columbia Art League offers fun-filled, full-day art programs on scheduled days off for Columbia Public Schools elementary students at a great value to parents. New art explorations and activities in a range of media are introduced at each Creative Fun Day, making each program a unique experience for participating students. Children participate in gallery activities that encourage active looking and engagement with original works of art in the CAL gallery.

Students also gain exposure to enduring ideas that have shaped art of the past and present, here and through other nearby cultural resources. Kids take art breaks throughout the day with children’s books, games and puzzles. The upcoming session will be taught by Bertie McLaren.

Friday, Jan. 3, Friday, Feb. 14 , Friday, Feb. 28

9:00 am-5:00 pm

For more information, call CAL at 443-8838