Meeting tonight (9/24) about Locust St.

Attention Citizen Planners:

Join us for two conversations where you get to be the planner

and make recommendations!

The first meeting is on

September 24, 2013, 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. in the

Community Room at the Walton Building (CVB).

Topic: Downtown Access, Circulation and Parking (part 1 – East Side)

We’ve learned over the past two years that every solution implemented has unintended consequences. Let’s have a more holistic conversation about solutions for downtown access, circulation and parking. Share your good ideas for resolving known issues and pre-empting unintended consequences.

The meeting will be facilitated by Downtown Columbia Leadership Council members and focused on listening to your solutions, both short and longer term.

Examples of topics we anticipate to be raised by citizen participants:

-How can the citizens, city, and MODOT best manage the safety of pedestrians, bicyclists, persons in

wheel chairs and passenger automobiles along College Avenue?

-What approaches might the city adopt and promote to get in front of the car storage capacity issues

currently facing downtown and close to campus?

-How might we best provide parking and transportation options to patrons, artists, business owners,

employees, and residents in the North Village area?

-What transportation paths are people currently following that will be disrupted by new developments

in the pipeline? How can we adapt to these changes?

-What safety strategies might we promote to encourage more pedestrian, bicycle and wheel chair

circulation downtown?

-How will adjacent neighborhoods (including East Campus, Benton Stephens, North Central,

Westmount, Old Southwest, and the Grasslands) be affected over the next few years as the population

downtown grows and the cost of downtown parking increases? What might we do now to get ahead

of those changes?