Walking School Bus Needs Your Help!

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Walking School Bus Needs Your Help!

For nearly 10 years the Walking School Bus has been 100% grant-funded and subsidized through PedNet Coalition. Currently there is no grant funding available for its continuation but Columbia Public Schools administrators have taken an innovative and progressive step in support of active transportation and Safe Routes to School by considering including the Walking School Bus in their budget. However, before we can move forward, this action needs School Board approval. While many School Board members understand the value the Walking School Bus brings to our kids, schools, and communities, there is a chance that it will not pass due to a few dissenting members.

On Monday, September 9 at 6:30pm, in the Columbia Public Schools administration building at 1818 West Worley St., the School Board will vote whether or not to approve the Walking School Bus as part of their budget. We need you to attend the meeting and show your support. There will be an opportunity for public comment so let your voice be heard! We need as many people as possible to attend and speak to ensure the future of the Walking School Bus.

Without this Board approval there will be no more Walking School Bus.

If you cannot attend, please email the School Board members. You can email all the Board members at once here.

We appreciate all your help and support on this matter!

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