Parent Letters Needed for the MU Museum of Art and Archaeology

This news came from Dr. Barker, director Museum of Art and Archaeology. Because of radiation issues, the museum will be moved to Ellis Fischel on the business loop with no plan to move it back to campus. As a partner in education, we can let the university know that the proximity of the museum to campus is essential for our learning. We can ask them to prioritize moving the museum back to campus as soon as there is a suitable space. If you have time to write letters with your students in support of the museum returning to campus, I will deliver them. They can be addressed to Chancellor Brady Deaton.

Thanks, all.

Ann Mehr

From: Barker, Alex W. [mailto:barkeraw]
Sent: Thursday, May 23, 2013 8:51 AM
To: Ann Mehr
Subject: important news


As our Partners in Education coordinator I wanted to share some important news regarding the Museum.

Soon—possibly even later today—the University will announce that the Museum is being moved to the old Ellis Fischel Cancer Center on Business Loop 70, so that issues of residual radiation in the building can be addressed. As you probably know Pickard Hall was once the Chemistry Building, and labs in the building isolated radium and related materials leaving low levels of radiation in some areas. The goal is to complete the move out of Pickard by the end of the calendar year; the space available to the Museum will be roughly the same as what it now occupies. It is not an ideal solution, and this very short timeline presents myriad challenges for the Museum staff, but despite this I am confident that the staff will complete the move with their usual professionalism.

The plan also calls for the Department of Art History and Archaeology to be temporarily relocated to the same facility, along with the Department of Anthropology and Museum of Anthropology. Swallow Hall will be renovated and the Departments of Anthropology and Art History and Archaeology will return to occupy Swallow Hall. At this time there is no timeline or concrete plan for the Museum’s return to campus.

I am working to assure that there will be shuttles and buses to the Museum, but obviously we will be losing our proximity to Lee and the ease of walking access. We remain committed to our PIE partners, and I will do everything in my power to continue to support the Museum’s role in your students’ education and to find ways to be responsive to your—and their–needs.

I apologize for passing this along by email, but I wanted you and your staff to learn of it from me rather than from the media. I have passed along this information to Mrs. Burger as well, and will be happy to meet with you and your staff to answer any questions—but I must admit I don’t have answers to many questions you might ask.

I’ll keep you updated as I learn more.


Alex W. Barker, Ph.D.

Director, Museum of Art and Archaeology

1 Pickard Hall University of Missouri

Columbia MO 65211

573-882-5075 FAX 573-884-4039