Language Classes and After-School Activities

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback regarding language classes and after-school activities! We have a HUGE interest in after-school programs for next year–attached is a document that lists the activity and program ideas from parents (languages were not included in this list since they are being organized separately). So here’s what we need to make after-school activities/programs a reality:

1) After-School Programs Coordinator (or Coordinators): This person (people) would work with the school to outline a schedule for the activities/programs and provide information about the activities/programs with parents.

2) Activity/Program Organizers: These would be people willing to organize the specific activities/programs.

As a coordinator or organizer, you would not need to run individual activities or programs–just be willing to do the organizational work. For example, parent Elizabeth Hornbeck has offered to be the Language Club organizer, so she (along with other parents who have offered their help) will organize the language classes by lining up language teachers, planning the language class schedules, providing class information to parents, and working out payment details.

We are extremely excited about the idea of providing programs and activities for students! We have many partners in education that might be willing to help us (i.e. MU Drama Department, Stephens College Dance Department) but we need people to organize the activities/programs to bring them to life. Please let me know if you would be interested/willing to help as a coordinator or organizer for after-school activities/programs for next year!

Thank you so much for your ideas, enthusiasm, and help!

Amy Sarver



After-School Activity Ideas.pdf