ELL Program Update

The Columbia Public Schools (CPS) has decided to make some big changes to its English Language Learner (ELL) program beginning next fall, the 2013-14 school year. Many of us have had questions and concerns about these changes so we met with the CPS ELL Director Dr. Nagarkar and together created a summary of the ELL program and its changes.

We are hopeful that the summary will be helpful for those who are interested in knowing more about the program, understanding the details of the upcoming changes, and providing contact information for anyone with questions or concerns. Dr. Nagarkar couldn’t have been more generous with her time or more helpful in providing us with information. Please know she is a resource for our families. If Lee becomes an Autonomous School, there might be other program possibilities–Mrs. Burger and Dr. Nagarkar have an ongoing dialogue about the ELL program and our students.

Many thanks to Mrs. Burger, Dr. Nagarkar, Kerri Urban, and the many parents and teachers who have expressed their interest and concerns regarding our students and the ELL program!

Amy Sarver

Update on ELL Changes for 2013-14.pdf