Lee Artwork in Downtown Windows!

The artwork of our Lee students is on display throughout the downtown! Below is a listing of all the grade/classroom artworks and locations where they are on display.

Many thanks to our phenomenal arts and classroom teachers, and to the parents who helped to get the art downtown! It is truly extraordinary to see the talents of our students highlighted throughout our community!

Please feel free to visit any and all of these locations to enjoy our students artwork!

2013 Windows

1.Ragtag: All-School Show

2. PWArchitects (15 S. 10th St.): 1st Grade, box city; 4th Grade, alter egos

3. American Shoe: 2nd Grade-Andre, Jazz sculptures

4. Candy Factory: 1st Grade-Markes, water cycle reliefs

5. Bluestem: Kindergarten-Kilfoyle, butterfly mobiles

6. Cyclextreme: 1st Grade-Bushmann, geometric non-objective

7. Broadway Brewery: 2nd Grade-Andre, collaborative piece

8. Get Lost Books: 3rd Grade, germs

9. Secret Garden: 2nd Grade-Poehlmann, inside

10. Mustard Seed: Kindergarten-Triplett, still life

11. Gotcha: 5th Grade-Johnson, Civil War portraits

12. Columbia Art League: Kindergarten-all, fish

13. Sparky’s: 4th Grade-Norris, class collaboration

14. Talulahs: Kindergarten-Kephart, food faces

15. Maude: 1st Grade-Hirner, clouds

16. Calhouns: Kindergarten-Kilfoyle, Dar Hosta collages

17. PS Gallery: 5th Grade-all, Joel Sager paintings

18. District: Kindergarten-Triplett, clay self-portraits

19. We Always Swing Jazz Series: 2nd Grade-Gilbert, jazz portraits (inside)

20. CAT TV: 2nd Grade-Gilbert, jazz portraits (window)

21. Binghams: 2nd Grade-Poehlmann, blues poems

22. City Hall: 4th Grade, Missouri shadowboxes