Art Opportunities!

Today 6-8 is the Columbia Art League opening for their exhibit, “GREEN.” Kindergarteners have recycled plastic bottle fish on display for the exhibit. Families are invited to attend the opening or go see the show which will be up through the end of school.

Tomorrow after school Dr. Mehr will lead a family walk to the museum to look at classical and contemporary landscapes and create a multi-media landscapes. We’ll meet out front at 3:45.

Friday is Artrageous Friday. Lee artwork featuring 3rd grade alter egos will be on display in the Missouri Theater for the evening.

3rd graders have “germ art” in the Life Sciences building.

Help is needed to put up artwork for several exhibits around town:

April 28 (Sunday AM), the all-school Ragtag/Uprise show goes up.

May 3 (Friday any time), art exhibits go downtown to Partners in Education (Nellie Boyt is in charge)

May 15 (Wednesday 4:30PM), art exhibit goes up at the Board of Education