Board of Education Meeting – Correction

I have a correction to my earlier e-mail–parents and members of the community will have an opportunity to speak about school start times and student transportation at the Board of Education meeting on Monday. The woman from the Board office said that folks can provide comments about these issues during the portion of the meeting devoted to Student Transportation (not during the "Public Comment" portion of the meeting).

I believe that comments are limited to three minutes per person, so please be aware that time is limited for each person’s comments. There might also be a cap on the time allotted for comments during each portion of the meeting.

Lee parent Angela Speck is planning to attend the meeting and has offered to meet with any other interested Lee parents at the Board office at 6 p.m. prior to the meeting (perhaps allowing parents to share thoughts and make the most of the time that might be available). Anyone interested in contacting Angela prior to the meeting can e-mail her at speckan.

Many thanks to all for your thoughts and considerations!

Amy Sarver