Nominate Volunteers for Recognition!

Each year, the Columbia Council PTA (CCPTA) recognizes volunteers who have shared their time and talents with Columbia’s schools. Every school can nominate up to three individuals to be recognized as Outstanding Volunteers for their school at a volunteer reception that will be held in April. We would love your help in identifying three volunteers to honor on our school’s behalf.

If you would like to nominate someone for their service to our school and students, please submit your nomination by e-mailing it to leeartspta or by turning it in to the school office by next Friday, March 15th. You can nominate anyone who you believe should be honored for their volunteerism at Lee (the individual does not have to be a PTA member or parent, just someone who you think has made special contributions as a volunteer). Please include the following in your nomination:

-the name of the volunteer you are nominating

-why you think the volunteer should be recognized as an Outstanding Volunteer for our school

Note: If you are e-mailing your nomination, please include "Volunteer Nomination" in your subject line.

We do not have a precedent established for how three individuals will be chosen from the submitted nominations, so please also feel free to include your thoughts/ideas about how the three nominees should be selected.

There are so many people who have shared their time with students, the school, and the PTA–and every bit of that generosity is deeply appreciated and equally valued. Given our indebtedness to our volunteers, we would love to have Lee represented at the upcoming CCPTA reception and truly appreciate your help with this.

If you have any questions, concerns, etc., please contact me at 514-4384 or at leeartspta.

Many thanks!

Amy Sarver