Lee Arts PTA 2013-2014 Slate of Nominations

The nominating committee presents the following slate of nominated individuals for the March 5th election of officers for the Lee Arts PTA 2013-2014 school year.

President- Andrea Hunting
Vice President – Lana Coggeshall
Secretary – Kate Akers
Treasurer- Katy Edwards

Members at Large (Non-Voting Members)
Membership Coordinator – Candy Sall
Read-A-thon – (Vacant)
SF/SA Coordinator- Theresa Shettlesworth
Volunteer Coordinator – Michelle Bledsoe
Teacher Appreciation – Sarah Placke

HUGE thank you to the nominating committee (Mrs. Poehlman, Lana Coggeshall and Liz Peterson)!! Please let us know if you have any questions. See you at the March 5th meeting at 6:30 pm in the Media Center!