Food Power Help Needed!

The school needs volunteers to help with the Food Power Adventure this Wednesday, January 9th! The Food Power event is a truly unique, hands-on exhibit that teaches children about food and physical activity–and every Lee student will enjoy the experience! The exhibit will be set up in the school gym with eight different stations and activities that teach children about food–from the farms on which food is grown to how food is used by the body.

We still need lots of volunteers!

1) Presenters: We need many volunteers in the morning and the afternoon to be presenters at each station. Each presenter will have a script that explains the concepts of the station and provides information and the activity to be presented. (All the information you need will be provided for you!)

2) Food/Lunch: We also need volunteers to provide food (lunch items) for the presenters and other volunteers who will be running the exhibit on Wednesday.

If you are willing to help, please sign up on the following web page or contact Andrea Hunting at anhunting.


Thank you so much for your help in making this experience possible for our students!