So Much Generosity, So Many Thanks!

I wanted to send out very heartfelt thanks to all of you who have contributed food, thought, financial support, and time to the school this week! The meals for the teachers have been wonderful–and so very appreciated in the long hours of the evening conferences! Thanks also to those of you who helped set up the Book Fair last week, and who are helping to take it down tomorrow morning. All of your help and support just couldn’t be more appreciated.

I’d also like to give special thanks to Michelle Dobrowolski, our teacher appreciation coordinator, for organizing the teacher meals and evening clean ups (despite being a very busy middle-school science teacher herself!) and Jen Micek, our book fair coordinator, for her incredible organization and the time she’s devoted to running the book fair with Mrs. Canepa this week (if you noticed that volunteers weren’t requested for operating the book fair during the week, it’s because Jen and Mrs. Canepa handled it all themselves!).

A week like this reaffirms how truly special our community is at Lee. Endless thanks to all of our wonderful teachers, parents and grandparents, and staff.

Wishing you wonderful weekend!

Amy Sarver