Message from City Council

I wanted to be sure to share this lovely message that City Council Member Barbara Hoppe sent after Monday’s council meeting. Barbara is the Council Member who has devoted enormous amounts of time, work, and creativity into making Lee’s safety and parking improvements a reality.

A tremendous thanks to all of you who shared your concerns, solutions, and suggestions about Lee’s traffic safety and parking issues last year and to Mrs. Burger and the group of parents who worked so hard with City Council and developers to advocate and implement changes. This has been such an inspired–and inspiring–process with such wonderful results; so many people came together in the community for the benefit of our students. We are hopeful that the safety improvements will continue–with safer crossings on College Avenue for our East Campus families and possible other improvements to Locust (such as speed bumps). As these efforts continue, please know that your considerations, solutions, and Monday’s expression of thanks has been so appreciated and has made a significant difference for our students and families at Lee.

Many thanks to all and have a wonderful weekend!

Amy Sarver