Traffic Safety and Parking at Lee!

I am absolutely thrilled to report that the City Council approved traffic safety and parking improvements for Lee at Monday night’s City Council Meeting! Based upon the advocacy of Council Member Barbara Hoppe and the traffic study conducted by the city’s traffic engineer, Scott Bitterman, the city will provide the following (I’ve attached the city’s traffic study report if you’d like more information):

  • a driver feedback sign that indicates the school speed limit with radar that displays the actual vehicle speed (to be located on Locust, east of Waugh Street)
  • a modification of the Locust/Waugh intersection with a bulb-out of flexible delineators that improves visibility of pedestrians and narrows the crosswalk area to improve pedestrian safety (see the attached traffic study report for a visual and description of this)
  • hang tags that will allow school volunteers to park for extended periods (free of charge and without fear of fines) in the 20-minute parking areas on Locust and Waugh
  • In addition, the city supported the initial phase a traffic calming project that could include a raised crosswalk at the Locust/Waugh intersection and speed bumps at two locations on Locust. The City will arrange an interested parties meeting so that area property owners will have the opportunity to provide feedback since this is a longer-term project and would require modification to the roadway.

Thanks to the advocacy of School Board Member, Jonathan Sessions, and the support of Assistant Superintendent, Peter Steipleman, Columbia Public Schools will provide:

  • a crossing guard for the Locust/Waugh intersection during school arrival and dismissal times
  • In addition, CPS will explore the possibility of providing security cameras in the area of the school (to reduce the vandalism of school signage, etc.)

Lastly, the Odles, the developers of the apartment building to be constructed on Locust, have been amazingly receptive to the concerns we have expressed about the impact of their development. They have made modifications to their plans to address our concerns and have been hugely supportive of our short-term and long-term interests.

When we first approached City Council about our traffic safety and parking concerns last March, none of us knew what (if anything) might result. So it is truly remarkable to have so many concerns addressed and to have seen so many people come together to support our school. With that said, I don’t believe any of these amazing improvements would have resulted had it not been for the support and advocacy of City Council Member Barbara Hoppe. She has gone so far above and beyond in her support, her arrangement of meetings with developers and city personnel, and in garnering support for these improvements with City staff and other Council Members. I would also like to thank Mrs. Burger and the committee of parents who devoted so much time and thought to this over the last few months, and to all of you who shared your concerns and ideas in the spring.

Endless thanks to all!

Amy Sarver

All-way Stop Report – Locust & Waugh.pdf