Slow Foods Co-Coordinator Needed

Slow Foods is one of Lee’s most remarkable programs. Each month, Slow Foods brings in local farmers who share their harvest with third grade students during their year of nutritional studies. Students get to meet the farmer, learn how the food is grown, locate the farm on a map, cook and eat the food, do art relating to the food, and more. This is a program that ripples through all curricular areas.

Amy Higgins-Stambaugh is our Slow Foods program coordinator and she is looking to recruit another parent to work with her next year in preparation to take over the program the following year. Slow Foods is a community program, so you do not need to have a child in third-grade to be involved. During the summer, Amy will be making contact with local farmers so she thought it would be a great time for a co-coordinator to come on board. Please contact Amy if you are interested in being involved with this amazing program at higginzano. Thank you!!