Planning for the Future Tonight!

Please don’t miss this opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas about plans for Lee! Tonight we will step back and discuss what we will do next year as a PTA/school community.

We have an extraordinary community at Lee–fantastic teachers and staff, great partners in education, and wonderful parents and grandparents willing to share their time and talents with the school. The overarching question is this: how should the time, money, and talents of our community be spent? What will most affect the education of all our students? What should we be doing to support our families that are struggling to make ends meet? What should we do to foster the sense of community so that all families feel welcome and connected to the school–and consequently feel supported, comfortable advocating for their children, and able to engage in their children’s education? If we can identify some answers to these big-picture questions, then we can determine how best to devote our time and resources. Your thoughts, ideas, and input are needed!

Please join us tonight to discuss our plans for the future in the school gym from 6:30-8 pm. Free childcare and refreshments will be provided. The evening will begin with a presentation by visiting artist Ibiyinka Alao.