Support the Bond and Tax Levy!

Election day is April 3rd, the Tuesday after spring break. Because of the state cuts in funding for education, the future of our schools depends on the passage of the Bond and Tax Levy that will appear on the ballot.

The Tax Levy will provide the funds needed to cover current operating costs (teacher salaries, costs of operating schools, etc). If this doesn’t pass, class sizes will increase dramatically and many current programs will be cut.

The Bond will provide the funds needed to pay for repairs and construction of school buildings and the purchase of school equipment. More than half of Columbia’s schools are over 40 years old (and need repairs and improvements) and new schools must be built to handle the addition of more than 1,000 new students over the next five years.

Both the Bond and Tax Levy are desperately needed! The great majority of Columbia’s voters do not have school-aged children, but this bond and levy can still pass if all of our students’ parents and caregivers vote on election day and encourage others to vote for the bond and levy. Here’s how you can help:

1) Vote! Please vote FOR the Bond and Tax Levy on Tuesday, April 3rd.

2) We will have postcards encouraging people to vote for the Bond and Tax Levy. Please let me know if you would be willing to:

– Pass out postcards to parents during arrival and/or pick up times at Lee on Monday, April 2nd.

– Distribute postcards in your neighborhood or workplace on Monday, April 2nd.

Many thanks for your support of our students and our schools!