Transportation Committee Votes on Walking/Biking Funding Next Week – Please Take Action Today!

This information just came in from the state PTA. Please consider contacting the Congressmen below (just click on the link) to help keep our school routes safe for our children.

Begin forwarded message:

H.R. 7, the American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act, has just been released by the Congressional Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. While this act will establish annual funding for a variety of highway and infrastructure programs it will also mark the elimination of funding for the Safe Routes to School Act. Eliminating the funding for this act will decrease local governments ability to improve infrastructure around schools that would increase student safety. Due to decreased budgets and increases in fuel cost, school districts have limited and, in some instances, eliminated bus transportation resulting in more children walking or biking to schools. In addition, children are encouraged to walk or bike as a strategy to fight childhood obesity. Ensuring safe routes to school is a crucial infrastructure need.

The congressional committee will begin markup on this bill starting February 2nd. During this markup phase amendments can be added to the bill. Missouri currently has three congressmen serving on this committee – Sam Graves, Billy Long and Russ Carnahan. Please contact these committee members and let them know how important safe routes to school are for our children.

Contact information:

Congressman Sam Graves

Phone: 202-225-7041


Congressman Billy Long

Phone: 202-225.6536


Congressman Russ Carnahan

Phone: 202-225-2671