Calling List Volunteers

I hope your Thanksgiving holiday was wonderful! Now that the weather is turning cooler, we are making plans for when snow begins to fall–and we’d love your help.

Currently, if the district calls an impromptu early dismissal due to snow, the teachers must call the parents of all their students to inform them of the early dismissal. This is particularly difficult for K-2 teachers, who have little ones to manage in the classroom while making the calls. Here’s where we can help.

We would like to have about 6 volunteers that would be willing to call K-2 parents on an unplanned early dismissal day. The calls could be made from your home or work place (you wouldn’t have to come into school). Here’s how it would work: the volunteer would receive the automatic text message from the district announcing the early dismissal. The volunteer would call the school to say they had received the text message. Then the volunteer would call the parents on their list. If there was someone on the list that couldn’t be reached, the volunteer would call the school to pass along those names. That’s it!

If you would be willing to make some early dismissal calls, please let me know.

Many thanks!

Amy Sarver