School Redistricting Information

Where will your child go to school after Lee? That is what CPS is deciding right now–and the district wants your feedback. CPS has just released its school redistricting plans–there are three different scenarios and the district wants your input in deciding which scenario to choose.

To find out more about the school redistricting and provide your feedback, click on the link below. I’d recommend first clicking on the "Media Presentation 10/27/11" link to get an overview of the redistricting and the different scenarios (and see the steps for finding your home address on the interactive maps). Also, the third screen of the Media Presentation lists the dates and times of the community forums that are taking place this month (you can attend any of these to find out more, ask questions, provide feedback, etc.). You can check out each of the scenarios by clicking on the maps and submit feedback in the comment area at the bottom of the web page.

The Missourian has also created a web page with articles and information about the school redistricting, so I’m including this link as well:

Rarely do we as parents have the opportunity to provide our feedback on big decisions such as these, so feel free to take advantage of this chance to share your thoughts and ideas!