Matinee at Ragtag for Lee Parents – Wednesday, 10/26

Some of our Lee parents had asked if Ragtag would be willing to do a weekday matinee–wondering if it would be possible to see a film while the children are at school and enjoy adult company and conversation. Well, Tracy Lane (the owner of Ragtag) is providing this incredible opportunity! Please see her e-mail below for more details.

We are so lucky to have a Partner in Education like Tracy Lane–she does SO much for our school!


Lee parents,

You asked and we’re delivering…

Next Wednesday, from 1:00-2:40 we are offering a matinee screening of the film Higher Ground:

Please help me spread the word, so that this will be well attended and we can do more of these.

With kindest regards,

Tracy Lane, Executive Director
Ragtag Programming
True/False Film Fest • March 1-4, 2012