Family Art Walks

Explore the Museum of Art and Archaeology on the MU campus with Dr. Mehr and Cathy Callaway, the Art and Archaeology Educator. The Family Art Walks will take place on the dates below. To join the fun, meet Dr. Mehr in front of the school to walk together to the museum on the MU campus.
  • Thursday, September 1st:   What a Relief! Tour the Museum in search of reliefs, then do crayon rubbings outdoors on the quadrangle. 
  • Thursday, October 13th:  I Can Fly! Explore images of part human/part animal in the museum, then create a hybrid self portrait. 
  • Thursday, November 10th: Hold Everything! View the vessels in the new exhibition Mediterranean Melting Pot in the Ancient Gallery. How were these vessels formed and in what different ways could the shapes have been used? Then make your own vessel.
  • Thursday, December 8th:  Who Wants to Be An Archaeologist? You can! We will talk about this career connected with the Museum, and look at some of the finds that archaeologists have discovered.  Afterward, try your hand at excavating your own “dig” and uncover a “treasure” to take home.  A $5 donation to cover the archaeological excavation kits would be appreciated.
  • Thursday, January 12: Lions, and Tigers, and Boars… Go on a wild animal hunt to find different animals in the Museum. Choose one of these animals to imitate in a mask.